Shooting Ghost Particles With an Accelerator

Jianming Bian
Thursday, October 26, 2023
3:30 pm
ISEB 1010


The observation of neutrino oscillation opened a door to answer two fundamental questions: 1. whether neutrinos and their antimatter twins, antineutrinos, follow the same law of physics? 2. what is the ordering of the neutrino mass eigenstates? NOvA and DUNE are the current and future major long-baseline neutrino experiments in the US aiming to solve these questions. Both experiments are equipped with massive detectors (NOvA: 14 kton liquid scintillator, DUNE: 40 kton liquid argon time projection chamber) to measure accelerator-produced neutrinos. The two experiments also incorporate advanced detector technologies and AI applications.In this talk, I will provide an overview of the results and current status of NOvA and DUNE. Additionally, I will discuss the proposed FLArE experiment, a liquid argon experiment designed to detect very high energy neutrinos and search for dark matter in the Forward Physics Facility, 620 m from the ATLAS interaction point at Large Hadron Collider.

Daniel Whiteson