A colorful mirror solution to the strong CP problem (and dark matter)

Christiane Scherb
Thursday, February 1, 2024
11:00 am
NS2 1201


In this talk I discuss theories of a complete mirror world with parity (P) solving the strong CP problem. P exchanges the entire Standard Model (SM) with its mirror copy. Only two new mass scales arise in such models: v′ where parity and mirror electroweak symmetry are spontaneously broken, and v3 where the color groups break to the diagonal strong interactions. The strong CP problem is then solved even if v3 ≪ v′. Furthermore we'll see that thermal production of dark matter (DM) can lead to the right relic abundance in such models. This can be achieved through a sequential freeze-in mechanism, where mirror photons are first produced from SM gluons, and then the mirror photons produce e′. The allowed parameter space of the model lies at the threshold of experimental observations:  heavy coloured states at the scale v3 are accessible at LHC and future colliders and kinetic mixing allows detection through DM direct detection experiments.

Yuri Shirman