Probing fundamental symmetries through neutrino oscillations

Zoya Vallari
Monday, March 4, 2024
11:00 am
ISEB 1310

Experimental detection of neutrino oscillations provided the first evidence that neutrinos have mass and demonstrated the potential of using neutrino flavor transformations as a powerful tool to explore new paradigms in particle physics. Explaining the origin and magnitudes of mass in neutrinos requires the addition of new symmetries and fields to the Standard Model of physics.


In this talk, I will outline how neutrino oscillation experiments provide an exciting avenue for determining the neutrino mass ordering and the potential discovery of charge-parity (CP) violation in the lepton sector. I will present the latest results from the NOvA and the T2K experiments, and the details of the new combined analysis of the data from the NOvA and the T2K experiments. Additionally, I will discuss DUNE's physics program and objectives and describe the ongoing prototype efforts at Fermilab to build novel detector technologies for liquid Argon TPC detectors for DUNE and beyond.

Daniel Whiteson