Holographic Energy Correlators for Confining Theories

Csaba Csaki
Cornell University
Thursday, May 9, 2024
11:00 am
NS2 1201

Abstract: We present a holographic calculation of energy correlators in a simple model of confinement based on a warped extra dimension with an IR brane. For small distances we reproduce the constant correlators of a strongly-coupled conformal field theory, while for large distances the effects of confinement dominate and the correlators decay exponentially. We find exact shockwave solutions to the Einstein equations in the presence of the IR brane, hence avoiding the need for a perturbative expansion in terms of Witten diagrams. While some of the expected qualitativefeatures of energy correlators in quantum chromodynamics (QCD) are reproduced, our crude model of confinement does not capture the effects of asymptotic freedom nor exhibit jetty behavior. We expect that our method can also be applied to more realistic models of confinement incorporating asymptotic freedom, which should fix some of the deviations from QCD. 

Yuri Shirman