Theoretical Condensed Matter


  • Kieron Burke (Joint appointment with Chemistry)
  • Alexander Chernyshev
  • Igor Dzyaloshinskii (Emeritus)
  • Alexei Maradudin (Emeritus)
  • Sid Parameswaran
  • Thorsten Ritz
  • R. F. Wallis (Emeritus)
  • Steven White
  • Ruqian Wu
  • Clare Yu
Research Topics Include
  • Emphasis on amorphous materials (e.g. low temperature properties of glasses) and strongly correlated electrons (e.g. Kondo insulators) - also biological physics.
  • Time-Parity violation in magneto-optics. Fermi liquid Emeritus Zachary Fisk and non-Fermi liquid behavior in condensed matter.
  • Ab initio calculations of surface phonons on metal surfaces, calculations of photonic band structures, optical interactions at nonideal surfaces, path integral quantum Monte Carlo calculations of anharmonic properties of crystals, and studies of linear and nonlinear surface excitations.
    Theory of phenomena at surfaces, in ultrathin films, and superlattices.
  • Theory of the interaction of probes with such structures.
  • Relating the geometrical structure of molecules, proteins, and protein assemblies to their biological functions - also biological physics.
  • Surface effects in lattice dynamics. Non-linear interactions in   magnetic materials and lattice dynamics. Published new research monograph: "Many Body Aspects of Solid State Spectroscopy", with Minko Balkanski, North Holland, publisher.
  • Emphasis on numerical approaches for strongly correlated magnetic and superconducting systems.
  • Mechanical, electronic,  optical, transport, magnetic and catalytic properties of materials and surfaces.
  • Frustrated Diamond Lattice Antiferromagnets.
  • Electronic structure, nanoscience, quantum chemistry, solid-statephysics, surfaces, strong field physics, attoascience, atomic physics, materials science
  • Theoretical study in strongly correlated electronic systems, high-temperature superconductivity, quantum magnetism