Experimental Particle Physics at UCI

Faculty in Experimental Particle Physics at UC Irvine are engaged in research using a broad range of facilities and strategies. These include experiments at particle colliders, reactor-based neutrino experiments, ground- and space-based astro-particle telescopes and cosmological survey programs as well as experiments at fixed-target facilities.

Experimental Particle Physics Faculty: 


Experimental projects and collaborations of the UCI particle physics faculty and their research groups:

Experiment Faculty
ATLAS at the Large Hadron Collider Lankford, Taffard, Whiteson, Casper
IceCube and ARIANNA Barwick
SuperKamiokande and T2K Sobel
DUNE and NOvA Bian
MEG and Mu2e Molzon
Fermi-LAT Murgia
eBOSS, DESI, and LSST Kirkby