"Two new avenues in dark matter indirect detection"

Ranjan Laha
Kavli IPMU
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
4:00 pm
NS2 1201

Indirect detection is one of the major ways to search for dark matter.  However, backgrounds have been a major problem for these searches.  In this talk, I will introduce two new techniques to distinguish signal from background.  Firstly, I will show how telescopes with ~ 0.1% energy resolution can exploit the Doppler shift of sharp photon features arising from dark matter interactions and separate the signal from background.  The technique is general and I will give an example of this search strategy with the 3.5 keV line.  In the second half of my talk,  I will show how limits from the searches for very high energy photons can be used to constrain dark matter interactions.  Using this observable, I will constrain very heavy dark matter which is very difficult to constrain using other means.

Manoj Kaplinghat