Physics Enrollment Policies

Please check the WebSOC for the most current list of course offerings.


ADD/DROP/CHANGE: The deadline to add, drop or change any physics coures is the end of Week 2 by 5:00PM via WebReg. Information regarding drops can be found below in the DROPS/GRADE CHANGE OPTION section.

Students with enrollment issues should email prior to the enrollment deadline. NO ADDS OR ENROLLMENT CHANGES WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER FRIDAY, END OF WEEK 2. (lecture, discussion or labs) .

Students who wish to drop a class or make a grade option change after Week Two should submit an Enrollment Exception via StudentAccess and obtain the required approval of the Dean of student's major. Requests to drop will be considered only if you have a valid, documented emergency which prevented you from dropping the course within the prescribed deadline. Note that approval is NOT guaranteed and is usually only granted in extreme emergencies. Emergencies include severe illness, heath in immediate family, car accident, etc. You must be able to provide proof upon request. It is the student's responsibility to log onto Student Access and check the status of their Enrollment Exception; the Department of Physics does not send email updates to students directly.

If the Enrollment Exception is approved, the last day to drop without a 'W' notation is FRIDAY, (end of Week 6). STUDENTS WHO FAIL TO FILE AN OFFICIAL DROP REQUEST  WITH AN ENROLLMENT EXCEPTION VIA StudentAccess WILL RECEIVE A GRADE OF "NR" IN THE COURSE. AN "NR" TURNS TO AN "F" OR "NP" AFTER ONE QUARTER OF ATTENDANCE.

Access/Continuing Education students should visit FRH 4109 on Thursday,  or Friday, (end of week 2), to process enrollment forms. Access/Continuing Education students will not be enrolled prior to this date. The absolute deadline to add or adjust schedules is Friday, (end of Week 2).

Math Assessment for Physics Placement (MAPP) Test
The MAPP test is designed to place students into the appropriate beginning Physics course, either Physics 2 (Introduction to Mathematical Methods for Physics) or Physics 7C (Classical Physics). It tests your understanding of mathematical topics critical for success in physics and assesses your preparation for beginning university-level physics. The test is mandatory and must be completed before you can enroll in one of the above courses. Please visit for more information.

The waitlist system for all Physics courses will be activated through Friday, (end of Week 2). Placement on the waitlist does not guarantee enrollment in the class. If you are unable to add through the waitlist system, you must register in an open section using WebReg by the enrollment deadline. STUDENTS STILL ON THE WAITLIST AFTER FRIDAY, END OF WEEK 2, WILL NOT BE AUTOMATICALLY ADDED. Information about the waitlist system can be found on the Registrar's page.