Mathematica for Physics Students

Many of the upper-division Physics and Astronomy undergraduate courses use Mathematica software for problem solving and homework assignments. 

Obtaining Mathematica: The Department of Physics and Astronomy participates in a licensing arrangement so that students can use the Student Version of Mathematica for free.

Information on obtaining and installing Mathematica (Student Version) can be found on the OIT web site. A UCINet login is required. Mathematica is available for MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Follow the instructions provided to install the software and to verify the user license.

More information can be found on the Wolfram Mathematica Student Edition web site.

Mathematica Crash Course: Students who take lower division math at UCI learn to use Mathematica in the Physics 50 course. The purpose of this crash course is to introduce transfer students to Mathematica so that they can successfully complete homework assignments in Classical Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism in their junior year.


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