Why Major in Physics at UCI?

We’re very proud of our Physics and Astronomy program. We offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics. Within this degree program there are many different tracks: a Specialization in Astrophysics, a Business/Law track, a Graduate school track, and Concentrations in Applied Physics, Biomedical Physics, Computational Physics, Philosophy of Physics, and Physics Education.

A degree in physics is an excellent foundation for a wide variety of careers. The analytical problem solving skills and focus on fundamental issues that are the core of our discipline are highly valued by employers and graduate programs. Salary surveys show that Physics bachelor’s degree holders have among the highest earnings of any major (http://www.aps.org/careers/physicists/economics.cfm).   A Physics major is also a great way to prepare for professions such as medicine and law; Physics majors are always among the top scorers on the MCAT and LSAT tests required for entrance to these professional schools (http://www.aip.org/statistics/reports/mcat-lsat-and-physics-bachelors).  Applied Physics is an excellent preparation for graduate work or a career in engineering.

The mission of a research university is to teach and disseminate knowledge, but also to create new knowledge at the frontiers of understanding.  There are many opportunities in the Department of Physics and Astronomy for you to participate in this exciting endeavor, and we strongly encourage you to get involved. Most of our undergraduates engage in research or independent study under the direction of a faculty member. A significant fraction of those publish their results in top scientific journals. Please visit our website: www.physics.uci.edu/ for more information.

We hope you’ll decide to join us as a Physics major at UCI.  We support our students in many ways including classes reserved for Physics majors only, free tutoring in math and physics, a Society of Physics Students club, an Honors Program in Physics. As a transfer student, you will receive one-on-one faculty advising and professional academic counseling.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the School of Physical Sciences academic counselors at pssazot@uci.edu or (949) 824-6507.  After learning more about your specific interests, they can connect you with a Physics and Astronomy faculty member who can describe our programs in more detail.


Best regards,
James Bullock, Chair
Department of Physics and Astronomy